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Modern Sentences

Read by Johnathon Williams

Mentally, we are in love 
          with each other or chemically, 
however they say, our minds 
          with minds of their own and 
nothing as old-fashioned as making 
          a lover with a rib. But how do we 
keep from moving forward too 
          quickly and what do we do 
with all the preciousness and time-
          lessness and sadness? Even history 
can't keep us. We keep inventing 
          newfangled ways to be in the world. 
Just yesterday I overheard a husband 
          say give me a vacuum to clean 
the orange sky. Imagine an antique 
          computer. Imagine a zoomed-in, 
pixelated hurt. Let's be vegan. 
          Let's drive a Prius. Let's find a robot 
to make our bed and bring us tea. 
          My dear, I promise to homeschool 
you if you homeschool me. I am 
          a 21st century wife. Tonight I'll touch
you in some otherworldly way 
          and we'll copyright it, youtube it, 
tell the general public this is our way 
          of being modern. We know all 
the proper ways to evolve. Once 
          we lived by the sundial, the wrist-
watch, the harvest's gold. Now we 
          are learning to breathe in bytes.
We are tracing the lightwaves 
          and brainwaves back to some 
historically complex time. We are 
          closing the bedroom door. Still 
there's a blue drop of light. But no high-tech 
          way to say you're mine. No way to love 
each other but with these ancient bodies.
Kimberly Grey lives in New York City. Her poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in TriQuarterly, The Awl, Barrelhouse, The New York Quarterly, Anti-, Gargoyle Magazine and other journals. She will teach contemporary poetry at Adelphi University in 2011.