Two Weeks

A Digital Anthology of Contemporary Poetry

Two Weeks is a new anthology of contemporary poetry, released exclusively in ebook format. The book was compiled, edited, designed, coded, and published in exactly 14 days.

Our purpose was to test how quickly a book of poetry could be crafted given new technologies, and to prove that neither speed nor technical limitations need diminish editorial standards or strip essential formatting. We hope you enjoy the result.

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New poems from Bruce Bond, Geoffrey Brock, Dorianne Laux, Seth Abramson, T.R. Hummer, Oliver de la Paz, Joe Wilkins, Hannah Miet, Jazzy Danziger, Randall Mann, Jeffery Bahr, Matthew Henriksen, Mary Meriam, Amanda Auchter, Ernest Hilbert, Matthew Zapruder, Brian Spears, Rachel Richardson, Christina Stoddard, Kimberly Grey, David Roderick, Josh Kalscheur, Kerry Krouse, Benjamin Glass, Rose Hunter, Lauren Camp, Jon Tribble, Patricia Lockwood, and more ...

About the book

  • Released on Jan. 26
  • 58 all-new, previously unpublished poems
  • Exclusively for the Kindle
  • Download now for only $2.99
Two Weeks was edited and produced by Ash Bowen and Johnathon Williams
From the book
Audio MP3

“Downstream” by Jim Tolan, read by Matthew Nienow.

Audio MP3

“Proofreader” by Christina Stoddard, read by Dorianne Laux

Audio MP3

“Letter to My Son Concerning Our First Night at Birthing Class” by Joe Wilkins, read by James Tolan

Audio MP3

“Heartbeat” by Rachel Richardson, read by Lauren Camp

“Erotic Manual” by T.R. Hummer

There are secrets unrealized by all but a few initiates,

facts that transcend stimulation or the novelty of position.

Watch the way a seagull cracks open a clamshell by dropping it

from a precisely calculated height onto a flat rock—

Too high and there’s nothing worth lighting for, just bits of shell

and a slick spot. The rock itself should be of adequate density

And large enough to target, but inconspicuous to competing predators.

And the clam, mysterium tremendum, how to find

The indispensable, the fated, the inevitable, singular one

without which the whole business is a travesty, a seedy melodrama,

Pointless, depressing violence: just one more meal?

And 57 more ...